06 May 2008

Still on track...

I was seriously worried that the shenanigans with my car was going to put a dent in my savings/travel plan.

However, the opposite is true. I was able to cover my deductible and the excess rental car fees with my thus far measly albeit sufficient UhOh Fund without touching a piece of plastic. Okay not counting the check card the cash came out of. So my UhOh Fund has taken a hit, but hey, that's what it's for.

So although in some respects I'm almost back to square one with the Uh-Oh Fund, I learned two important things:
1. Up the overall Uh-Oh savings goal to $1500. Uh-Oh's can be more expensive than you'd think in lots of little ways.
2. Tapping the Uh-Oh fund is Hu-way better than calling the parents when you hit a rough spot. It's pretty empowering to know that whatever 'it' is, I can handle it without Mummy, Daddums, or the cards.

I'm keeping up my 10% plan, and the Travel Fund is steadily increasing. No, I am nowhere near $1k a month.


Now I'm trying to decide how to handle this stimulus check business iffnwhen it arrives. I'll probably reward myself with at least one pair of spring shoes (I have been a GOOD GIRL) but the big decision is whether to put the rest in savings, or to throw it at some old debt. Have to run the numbers on that one - interest rates and all.

(and no, Prez Shrub, that does not mean blowing it all at Nordstroms, either. That measly check isn't gonna get me far there anyway. But thank you for your sound economic advice)

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