13 October 2009

Happy Trails...

It was the third month long absence that finally did it. I guess the third time really is the charm.

It's been a long, convoluted journey from heartbroken California transplant to headstrong, globetrotting Seattlite but here I am. In the last three years this blog has morphed more times than my hair color, settling finally on something I can be proud of. I could say the same of myself.

One of the neatest sea critters I observed in Costa Rica was the hermit crab (observing them is not hard, trust me. There are lots of beaches where you can't take a step without crunching a few. Thank goodness they're quick!) Cool hermit crab fact: These little dudes are constantly moving up in the world, that is, when they grow too large for their shells they simply find a newer, larger model and trade up.

Like the hermit crab it's time for me to "trade up," and move out of these old digs. This blog has served its purpose and instead of asking it to shift again I'm simply moving on. (I'm also joining the migration to WordPress, but that's another story)

If you're interested in following my further (and possibly more pedestrian but far less anonymous) adventures as a continuing traveler and a newbie cellist drop me an email and I'll be happy to oblige you with the appropriate links.

Otherwise, farewell and good luck. Thanks for walking this far with me, I hope the rest of your trip is a blast.

Signing off,


18 July 2009

Bees buzzing, ladybugs and delicate spider webs

I've been housesitting for a friend with two beautiful raised beds. In her absence, she inisists I help myself to anything that's ripe and right now that includes peas, cherry tomatoes and in a few days maybe a zuccini. All I have to do is turn the automatic waterer (and suppliment with the hose on really hot days which Seattle hasn't been short of lately) and feed her cat.

I'm not sure how my life could get any better at this moment.

I've always wanted to do raised beds and staying here has only confirmed for me that when I finally do get a house of my own again I will definitely be gardening. One of the nicest new-to-me blogs I've been reading lately recently did a little raised bed reconstrution project that has got me salivating.

Who knew I was such a closeted gardener?

10 July 2009

Sometimes my brain gets jealous...

On a visit to my favorite PDX book joint I kept seeing a guy in his mid to late forties who turned up in several of the same aisles as I was browsing. He's dressed in one of those Jack Johnson-esque hippie hoodies (I believe they call them baja hoodies, imagine that) After our third "mid-aisle collision" we exchanged greeting and a smile and went on our way. So I thought.

I made a last pass through the sale books when who turns up but Mr. Baja Hoodie. He's grinning in this kind of half sly way that immediately makes me take a half step back.

"I just couldn't let you go without telling you," he says. "You are just the most incredibly sexy woman. Especially from behind."

So it appears I've had my first book store admirer. Only with a compliment like that I felt less flattered than just weirded out. Have you been checking out my ass for the last 4 aisles? My sputtering brain was unable to come up with a clever comeback, although I did sidle sideways away from him and into the line as he went the opposite direction.

As I walked to the car (glancing over my shoulder) I full of comebacks that would make him think twice about any future rounds of bookstore ass-scoping. Really I was left feeling indignant because once again, in a place I would have least expected, my big sexy brain was upstaged - by my ass.

05 July 2009

A little more Beyonce than Halle Berry...

...that's the verdict after my salon run for a much needed highlights touchup. And yes, I was licking my wounds just a bit after Audi's stunning letdown. Sometimes what a girl needs is a little confidence booster and a mani/pedi just won't cut it. I said I wanted more of the honey/carmel bits. That, apparently meant I wanted to go mostly blondish.

Hmm...I guess I got what I asked for. We toned the color down quite a bit, but it's still a bit MORE, well, Beyonce than Halle Berry (according to the girl in the chair next to me). It's a matter of subtlety. I'm not used to being so flashy. Although, being in the company of either of those gorgeous ladies cannot be a bad thing.

Maybe it's a good change. It certainly will shake things up a bit. I'm trying to roll with it.

02 June 2009

Okay I was wrong...

But at least I'm not too proud to admit it.

Traveling is fantastic. Central America was amazing. I mean, I really should have known. At every moment in my life that I've been most terrified to do something that something has turned out to be one of the highlight experiences of my life.

I can now say from experience:
  1. Not all volcanos pour lava. Sometimes molten rocks tumble down the sides like confetti with a dull hollow thumping that even miles away sounds ominous.
  2. I am the best Shithead player I know. I'm also not bad at Bullshit, Gin Rummy and HorseRace. I still can't play poker to save my life.
  3. Dancing till dawn is good for the soul.
  4. I don't care what anyone's book says - EVOLUTION rocks, and we did it too. The determining factor: I fed a monkey. I literally looked eye to eye with a little humanoid as it reached out two tiny hands, pried my fingers off a chunk of banana then delicately nibbled it piece by piece while keeping the kind of eye contact that gave me goosebumps.
  5. There may not be any activity that brings one closer to the divine than surfing! I love surfing with a passion that knocked me completely out of my proverbial socks. I took the requisite lesson, bought a board, spent the first week paddling without much reward and wondered what the hell was wrong with me that I kept going out. However, the first time I dropped into the open face of a wave, popped to my feet and actually carved the shit out of the damn thing I thought that maybe, magically, I'd died and gone to heaven.
  6. Learning to speak a second language is far easier when you don't have a choice. Sink or swim, baby. Nadé como un pescado.
  7. Hermit crabs give me the creeps. Srsly.
I'm back home and into the life I left behind. I'm happier and, dare I suggest it, more complete. Time to get back to buisness and the two most pressing issues:

  1. Finding a job
  2. Keeping my distance from the married man that I managed, inexplicably, to fall in love with.
Gotta keep things interesting.


P.S. My next destination is Andalucía, España where I will study Flamenco and work on my [Spain] Spanish.