11 November 2008

Post-Election Election Fatigue

I have to say that I'm feeling a bit WORN following the fervor of recent election. Without all the election coverage there's this void that leaves me feeling empty and a little relieved. What did I do with my lunch hour and break times before I scanned spent the time scanning the news for the latest campaign updates. Not that the media hasn't tried to immediately fill it with speculation on everything from Obama's plans for Gitmo and whether or not Mrs. Obama is the second coming of Jackie O.

In any case. Bush is officially a lame duck, Palin is back in Alaska (although she still appears not to know her head from her ass), the economy is still in the toilet, Iraq is a mess. Don't get me wrong, as a nation we still have a long way to go, baby, but for tonight I sorta feel like this:

(If you haven't seen Oscar before, you aren't watching enough YouTube at work.)

I'm abstaining this week from political news consumption. YouTube, here I come.

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