25 March 2008

Travel Plan

I'm hungry for it now. This morning I woke up with a gnawing in my proverbial belly. It said one word: TRAVEL.

After two weeks of cramming travel books at the library and Barnes and Noble, here are my top destinations so far (in no particular order):

Costa Rica

I'm starting to look at travel by region - that way I can hit up multiple countries in one trip. The problem is, I want to go to them all AT THE SAME TIME.

How on earth do I decide where do I go first?!


Pan/Thanatos said...

In terms of spending the least amount of time on airplanes. You may may want to go down through South America, leaving from Chile to Indonesia, then from Cambodia over to Spain, and back on home.
I'd love to visit Spain. If you drop by the Alhambra, send back pics. =)

Rosie said...

Thanks for the tip!