02 April 2008

I will not freak out...I will stay calm...I will not kill anyone...

Today I returned from the bus after a blissful sunny afternoon wandering around downtown and climbed into my car. I started the engine and immediately knew something was wrong. It sounded like no one had bothered to install a muffler on my car. Parked on a busy street and against a high wall I couldn't safely take a look, so I let it run for a minute, made sure there were no fluids dripping and drove the mile and a half home.

Safe from traffic in the driveway I got on my hands and knees and looked under the car.

Muffler - still attached. No visible holes.

Exhaust Pipe.


Yeah, someone had cut the exhaust pipe from the muffler to the header. About two feet of pipe was missing, cleanly sliced off. In fact, the first cut on the header side was too high so they pulled out and moved further down.

Just so you know - I wasn't parked in a lot all day, or even on a side street. I'm parked on a major street, busy all day and yet some asshole had the unmitigated gall to break out the saw and pull a usless peice of pipe from my car. I mean, the muffler I could understand, the header even...if your desperate and you really need a stock muffler or header...please take mine.

But the pipe. The stupid pipe you could get at ace hardware for a few bucks. INSTEAD YOU STOLE MINE? REALLY?

D is convinced it's revenge. He's wondering who's man I stole. Maybe I should have a convo with HF about that one, eh?

Honestly, I must have pissed somebody off. The funny part is, well it's just funny. So bizarre, and unbelievable. It's just random. D's second guess is that it's "mistaken identity," whoever it was thought the car belonged to someone else.

Has anyone else heard of this? Is this a common car prank? Is there something special about stock exhaust pipes that I don't know about?


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Pan/Thanatos said...

WTF?!? =O

Yea I'd have to go for the revenge/mistaken identity theory. It doesn't make sense someone would do that for any other reason, obviously ignoring the better parts they could easily take with the same tools.
As far as pranks go, they coould have been trying to go for the catalytic converter. Take that out and the car will go 5 mph tops.