13 October 2009

Happy Trails...

It was the third month long absence that finally did it. I guess the third time really is the charm.

It's been a long, convoluted journey from heartbroken California transplant to headstrong, globetrotting Seattlite but here I am. In the last three years this blog has morphed more times than my hair color, settling finally on something I can be proud of. I could say the same of myself.

One of the neatest sea critters I observed in Costa Rica was the hermit crab (observing them is not hard, trust me. There are lots of beaches where you can't take a step without crunching a few. Thank goodness they're quick!) Cool hermit crab fact: These little dudes are constantly moving up in the world, that is, when they grow too large for their shells they simply find a newer, larger model and trade up.

Like the hermit crab it's time for me to "trade up," and move out of these old digs. This blog has served its purpose and instead of asking it to shift again I'm simply moving on. (I'm also joining the migration to WordPress, but that's another story)

If you're interested in following my further (and possibly more pedestrian but far less anonymous) adventures as a continuing traveler and a newbie cellist drop me an email and I'll be happy to oblige you with the appropriate links.

Otherwise, farewell and good luck. Thanks for walking this far with me, I hope the rest of your trip is a blast.

Signing off,


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