18 July 2009

Bees buzzing, ladybugs and delicate spider webs

I've been housesitting for a friend with two beautiful raised beds. In her absence, she inisists I help myself to anything that's ripe and right now that includes peas, cherry tomatoes and in a few days maybe a zuccini. All I have to do is turn the automatic waterer (and suppliment with the hose on really hot days which Seattle hasn't been short of lately) and feed her cat.

I'm not sure how my life could get any better at this moment.

I've always wanted to do raised beds and staying here has only confirmed for me that when I finally do get a house of my own again I will definitely be gardening. One of the nicest new-to-me blogs I've been reading lately recently did a little raised bed reconstrution project that has got me salivating.

Who knew I was such a closeted gardener?

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