08 December 2008

Choosing a destination...

I'd just like to start this one out by acknowledging that really, all of life's problems should be this hard...

The problem is I want to go EVERYWHERE and do EVERYTHING all at once. I have literally burst into tears (twice) talking to BBGB about the trip because every time I think of traveling - I get totally overwhelmed by the sensation that I have to make this trip the BEST POSSIBLE TRIP EVER and DO EVERY SINGLE THING. At one point I think I even said (blubbering of course) "what if this is the only trip I ever take - I just don't want to regret not doing something when I had the chance."

Yes, I have ALWAYS been an overachiever. I also think hu-way too much. I know, I know. Tell me about it.

But the fact is, I've only been out of the US twice and this trip means so much for me - literally and figuratively - that it's sometimes difficult to avoid this huge wave of expectation that sweeps me right out of "oh excited about the trip" land and into the scary sea of "please don't let me waste this opportunity."

I can't decide if I want to backpack the whole trip, or settle in to a few sweet spots for longer stays. Hostel, tent or hotel? Spend the whole trip solo, or hook up with other travelers? Pacific or Carribean? Decisions, decisions!

This is the part where the seasond travelers should be laughing. Of course it's impossible to see and do everything, and of course I'm going to miss some things and experience others I can't possibly have planned for sitting in my bed blogging about my travel neurosis. It occured to me that maybe I'm just looking at this backwards. Maybe I should just outline things I really want to say I did or accomplished this trip, use that to define where I go, and let the rest sort itself out.

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