03 December 2008

I shouldn't love this movie as much as I do....

It's a full on, unrepentantly romantic, two epic plot bonanza squashed into one big beautiful scenic mess of a movie, rife with cliches and the standard cast of good vs. evil characters.

And still. I'm sure about 90% of my love is for the land - that continent as depicted is one big glamour shot. The rest I reserve for the love story that manages not to be entirely trite for all it's standard hollywoodness, or the way that the legalized system of racism was not shied away from but faced with an honest, if a bit "happily ever after," eye.

So I do. I do I do I do.

This movie makes Titanic look like a teenage melodrama cloaked in historical fiction - oh wait, it was a teenage melodrama cloaked in historical fiction - and totally redeems Nicole Kidman from that ridiculous "Far and Away" debacle.

And the shot of a sudsy Hugh Jackman bucket rinsing his immaculately beautiful chest - while gratuitous, thinly veiled soft core porn - has absolutely nothing to do with my review. After all the scene was what Daniel Craig's beach shot was for Casino Royal: icing on an already delicious cake.

That is all.

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