10 July 2009

Sometimes my brain gets jealous...

On a visit to my favorite PDX book joint I kept seeing a guy in his mid to late forties who turned up in several of the same aisles as I was browsing. He's dressed in one of those Jack Johnson-esque hippie hoodies (I believe they call them baja hoodies, imagine that) After our third "mid-aisle collision" we exchanged greeting and a smile and went on our way. So I thought.

I made a last pass through the sale books when who turns up but Mr. Baja Hoodie. He's grinning in this kind of half sly way that immediately makes me take a half step back.

"I just couldn't let you go without telling you," he says. "You are just the most incredibly sexy woman. Especially from behind."

So it appears I've had my first book store admirer. Only with a compliment like that I felt less flattered than just weirded out. Have you been checking out my ass for the last 4 aisles? My sputtering brain was unable to come up with a clever comeback, although I did sidle sideways away from him and into the line as he went the opposite direction.

As I walked to the car (glancing over my shoulder) I full of comebacks that would make him think twice about any future rounds of bookstore ass-scoping. Really I was left feeling indignant because once again, in a place I would have least expected, my big sexy brain was upstaged - by my ass.