05 July 2009

A little more Beyonce than Halle Berry...

...that's the verdict after my salon run for a much needed highlights touchup. And yes, I was licking my wounds just a bit after Audi's stunning letdown. Sometimes what a girl needs is a little confidence booster and a mani/pedi just won't cut it. I said I wanted more of the honey/carmel bits. That, apparently meant I wanted to go mostly blondish.

Hmm...I guess I got what I asked for. We toned the color down quite a bit, but it's still a bit MORE, well, Beyonce than Halle Berry (according to the girl in the chair next to me). It's a matter of subtlety. I'm not used to being so flashy. Although, being in the company of either of those gorgeous ladies cannot be a bad thing.

Maybe it's a good change. It certainly will shake things up a bit. I'm trying to roll with it.

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