19 February 2008

For Whom the Phone Rings, or Karma is a Bitch

So guess who had a missed call she couldn't clear from her phone today? See if the caller had left a message the missed call sign would have gone away when I checked my voicemail. Unfortunately they couldn't be bothered - or the call wasn't that important in the first place (more than likely) so now, do I not only know what they wanted, but WHO the "they" are.

I didn't think it was so annoying at first until every time I left my desk and came back I did a double take wondering who on earth even knew the extension to reach me in this cavern of contractors. It really was annoying. Thank God Legalgirl was online.

Rosie: Damn that missed call thing is annoying.
LegalGrrl (She made me promise if I blogged this I would spell the girl as she prefered"grrl" which is SOOO 90's but is also how I prefer spelling my own monkier - as in RosieGrrl, anywho): Not u too?
Rosie: Ah yeah, karma is a f*cking b*tch, eh?
LegalGrrl: Ya. Completely. Do u want ThatGuy's extension?
Rosie: Uh, yeah, I guess so. This is going to drive me crazy.

Once again, the universe checks in to remind one smart-ass girl to stop trash talking everyone else. One never knows when they might have information that one might happen to appreciate having.

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