05 February 2008

What do I belive?

So my first set of statements of belief are as follows (in absolutely no particular order)

  • When it comes to relationships, I believe that working it out may be a lot harder than walking away, but so much more worthwhile.
  • I believe that ending tears with laughter is better than any medicine.
  • I believe that I know more than I give myself credit for.
  • I believe that I am the first person I need to love, and be loved by, before I can expect anyone else to "fall" for me.
  • I believe that just because Netflix recommends a movie based on other movies I've enjoyed, doesn't mean I have to like it.
  • I believe that riding the bus to work every day makes me a better person. NOT better than anyone else (including car drivers) just a better version of me.
  • I do believe, however that by taking the bus I'm earning credit for when I do choose to drive.
  • I believe that all I need to do to change is believe that I can do it.
  • I believe that there are some parts of love that sappy love songs know nothing about.

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