14 February 2008

John Mayer + Alicia Keys = My happy ears...

BBGB turned me on to these MTV ads - cause she understands my unhealthy and unholy obsession with John Mayer's well being. I don't have a crush on him, per se: it's just that Mayer is the kind of guy that composed most of my social circle in High School. Awkward, oddly charming, musically talented and most of the time attracted to the wrong women. The kind of guy I would have had a crush on if I hadn't had enough sense to know that I didn't stand a chance when compared to his idealized version of womanhood in the form of the popular, cheerleader-type (aka Jessica Simpson)

So anyway. Fast forward. Yes he writes sappy music with lyrics that real men hate because it puts all this pressure on them to be "That Guy" for their girlfriends (aka Say Anything Syndrome) Still, the guy manages not to take himself too seriously (cough, cough: Jack Johnson) He allows himself to be photographed in the Borat wrestling costume. AND....then there are the MTV rabbit commercials, which if you're like me and can't stand to watch what passes for programming these days on "WTF-happened-to-the Music Television," you probably missed:

Thank God for BBGB. Cause not only is Mayer in the suit, but the spots feature Alicia Keys, who is rocking my world and my Ipod. Turns out she did the fabulous outro vocals for Mayer's "Gravity," and he's featured on "Lesson Learned" from As I Am, which has not left my Ipod playlist since it was added. The chemistry between these two is outstanding - and I'm not even thinking THAT kind of chemistry. On pure musical talent and simpatico alone, this is a collaborations I never dreamed could be so amazing.

What do I not ADORE about Ms. Keys? Since the Tori Amos days I've been a sucker for a chick on a piano. And a chick that rocks a piano with some serious Motown soul? Oh mercy! Plus, in a world populated by trainwreck chicks with questionable talent (Amy, Britney, Lindsay...PARIS, anyone?) she is mature, gracious, sexy-without-the-slime and above all - a talented musician. She so composed, with just enough swagger to let you know she could still kick somebody's ass but she chooses to behave better than that. Plus the girl has a booty. Hallelujah. She looks like a real woman. Curvy, gorgeous, Beyonce take note: THAT is is the definition of bootylicious. Who knows, Keys could be a cranked out wackjob in real life, but she manages to keep her shit on straight. CLASSY.

Do I want to be her when I grow up? Hell yeah. Especially when you get to pull off this shit with Mayer at the Grammys:

I can die and go to heaven. Check that swagger. Hollah. That is all.

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