18 February 2008

When the phone just won't behave

LegalGirl says That Guy spent about two hours today trying to figure out how to make his phone stop displaying a bogus "new call" notification. He literally could not let it go. Not in the, "jeeze that's annoying, guess I will not waste one more second being annoyed and just ignore it," sort of way. More along the lines of, "I cannot function in any way shape or form unless I right this egregious error immediately!"

What's more sad: That it bugged him so much he couldn't work for trying to figure the damn thing out, or that the company is so fricking disorganized that no one along the chain of 'help' peeps could actually figure it out?

Either way, I can't fault him for trying - but I do feel for LegalGirl. I can just picture her ass-deep in Very Important Documents, trying to focus on copy editing said documents with the consistent drone of half-deaf That Guy on the phone with support in the background. Apparently she gave up at some point, cause I got the IM flash in the corner of my screen.

She did fill me in on the Visqueen show this weekend at Sunset - the show I was too late to get tickets for and was apparently great (as always, love Visqueen)

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