15 January 2008

I am officially a commuter...SIGH

It appears that in spite of my best efforts NOT to have a drive greater than 30 minutes to get to work (door to door, each way, including coffee stop, during off peak hours- I know, I know, I have been a spoiled brat for over a year in that regard!!!) I have been thwarted.

Okay let's get real: I am a Californian - born and raised: I love my car, I love driving. I do not love: driving to not fun places (work, anyone?), traffic, other drivers (especially Seattlites). These are my biases. Now, twice a day I have to haul out to the east side -in traffic - which takes me about 45 minutes car time, and I am not remotely thrilled about it. Plus, after scouring the King County Metro Transit trip planner, I've determined that would take me no less than 3 buses and upwards of an hour to get there. I dig taking the bus to the work cause I can "read not rage" I do not dig: waiting for late buses, being late to work or standing out in the cold waiting for the next bus to arrive. All things that have an exponential likelihood of increasing with every bus you add to the equation. And for my last bitch and moan of the night, I have to start factoring into my finances extra gas and wear and tear on my car. Plus the likelihood that my car will suffer from some sort of "throw money at me" tantrum increases the more I drive (brake jobs and clutches and tires, oh my!) so I'm considering dedicating an extra $500 or so to the Uh-Oh Fund (Emergency Fund sounds so dramatic)


Into problem solving mode: I've adjusted my schedule at work so I go in super early and leave early which is definitely helping. I'm not a morning person, but since work is casual, I can dramatically cut prep time and increase sleep time with a few tweaks. Roomie suggested finding a park and ride somewhere in the middlish to cut out at least one bus and half the drive.

Plus the upside is that if do drive a day or two, I can throw my gear in the back and head up to the Summit after work . I'm halfway there and leaving work early enough to make night ski - which is my favorite time to ride anyway.

No job is perfect, and really this is a minor setback. Just looking for the upsides and willing to make it work, one way or the other.

What's the worst thing about your job? How do you make the best of it?

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A Novelist said...

When I lived back home in Washington, I lived in a suburb of Seattle - Auburn. I worked in downtown Seattle and my drive (including daily coffee stop) was around 45 min, on a good traffic day. I LOVED being in my car, even in stop and go traffic! I would use that time to sing to the radio, make calls on my cell phone or just know that nobody could bother me; that was my quiet time for the day - commuting. I would much rather drive than take public transportation...but I say this after taking public transportation in NYC, which is the WORST! ;)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my page; I love your blog and look forward to reading more!