10 January 2008

Resolution #3: Take this show on the road...

I haven't had a goal, or a purpose for so long it's not funny. Since I graduated from college I've been wandering - sometimes literally - from job to job, place to place, trying to figure out what my next step will be. I suppose I've been letting life happen to me, for lack of a better intention. I have never been "career" minded; I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and I got my degree in an area I figured the most versatile for doing anything that came along. It hasn't been until recently that I realized I've been living my life as a process of elimination. I try one thing, then another, decide it's not for me and move on to the next.

For my first statement of belief: I believe that life should be lived as a series of identifying and reaching toward things you want, rather than reacting away from a list of "I don't want to do THAT again..."

So what do I want to do, more than anything? Travel internationally. I got a taste of it last year that only made me hungry for other destinations, longer stays. I used to think it took a lot of money, or a woman traveling alone might not be the best idea. Everything I've seen so far in friends and bloggers is that neither is really true. I guess I've been waiting, and now I'm ready to give up on waiting for the perfect conditions to make it happen. Now that I'm working on contract I have a timeline - one year exactly - to pick a destination (or two), do the research, make some travel buddies, and set aside a little cash. A year from now I'll be getting on a plane.

Which, brings me back to the purpose for this blog. I am hereby rededicating Lil Miss Sunshine for the next year: the first steps of my journey toward becoming an international traveler. Stick around, this could be fun!

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