19 January 2008

It was an asscracking good time...

Speaking of my privileged life: Friday I did drive.

I threw my board and shit into the back and headed up to the Summit after work. Anyone who rides The Summit knows it's not the best mountain around (low elevation, short runs, sometimes excruciatingly family oriented) but it has one major plus. Proximity. I could throw a rock from my job and knock someone off the chairlift (not that I would, but it is tempting) Plus they offer a sweet night ride session, so if I leave work at 3:30ish I can be dressed and in the lift line in an hour. And it's relatively cheap, as resorts go.

There hasn't been much new snow in the last few days so I knew the chances of it being more icy than usual were high. I'm seriously thinking of changing this blog to Lil Miss Stubbornhead. I could have scrubbed and gone this weekend, but after thinking about riding all day, and so close to the mtn, I couldn't say no.

As a result of which, a new word has entered the Rosie lexicon: Asscracking. As in, I fell so hard I felt my ass crack. Which I did mostly when some jackass cut me off at the lift line forcing an emergency stop, and once, when I fell getting off the chair due to my own lack of balance. Seriously, I have a bit of padding in the hind end and I have no idea how these skinny butt teenage boys manage to do this sport without causing some serious posterior damage.

Great night though, I have to say I have a thing for inclement weather. I like fog and snow and stuff that usually drives people OFF the mountain. Lest you think I am anti-social, I usually ride alone, so I do get a chance to strike up conversation with some interesting folks. Last week I met a group of Romanian kids, and once I had a conversation with some deaf snowboarders, which was fun cause I haven't practiced my ASL in a while and they seemed stoked that I had some basic language.

Last night I rode for a bit with a pair of guys I met on the chair who ride a lot like I do - not hitting the biggest stuff, but pushing themselves to new terrain. I like riding by myself, but it is nice to have a little encouragement, and company on the rough runs. I usually meet people after falling or doing something silly, which I don't think so much of myself that I can't get a good laugh out of my own antics. Conversation ensues, and suddenly the guy that looked like a total bro-brah out to be a really nice kid who can point me in the direction of a few good runs.

So it never pays to have too many preconceived notions about anyone based on what they do. That and it totally helps to be a girl snowboarder. A cute, goofy footed girl snowboarder.

Not that I'm braggin, or anything.

But nothing I did on the slopes compared to what happened 10 feet from my car, crossing some heinous ice covered concrete. I was tired, and focused on whether or not the car parked in front of me had used my bumper as a parking brake, took a big step and my feet slid right out in front of me. Of course at this point I had already taken my helmet off (bad) but I had my snowboard in my hands so I couldn't put them down behind me to break my wrists, I mean, catch myself (good). So I did a full, cartoon style, legs out in front of me landing on my entire backside and whacking my head on the ice.

Good times. I lay there, senseless, not one of the 10 odd people standing around said a thing or made a move to even see if I was still alive. It's a good thing I wasn't knocked unconscious, those bastards would have left me there to freeze to death. So today I have a couple of NICE bruises on my elbows and back and a nice nugget on the back of my head. I'm off to a hot soak in the bathtub and a healthy dose of advil.

Happy Saturday!

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