17 January 2008

This commuter's life...

Good news this week:

I found the Redmond Express. Now with only two buses and a short car ride I can get to work in about 45 minutes or an hour if I leave during peak traffic times. A Novelist dropped by to remind me of all the fun things that you can do in your car during traffic. Which I completely agree with, especially the part about singing in the car. I am a total "iPod Diva" while driving - high notes and all, plus it's getting to be the only way I can keep up with This American Life; Wait, Wait and Driveway Moments.

Plus, PT is SO CLEAN in Seattle. I mean, the buses don't smell, there's no extensive covering of graffiti, the lights all work. You don't feel like you're taking your life in your hands when you step on to one - and the few times my life HAS flashed before my eyes it's been because of either the driver or some stupid Suburban driving idiot.

I guess I'm just a cheap bastard too: I don't have the most fuel efficient vehicle, but I'm not willing to get into another car payment situation. Plus I LOVE my car. Even though I love it a LOT less when I'm watching upwards of $50 vanish into the gas tank. And I hate braking. Which sounds rediculous unless you think of Seattle drivers - who LOVE to slap their brakes in front of you for no good reason. Which drives me into an unmitigated rage more often than not. Then I spend the rest of the ride meditating on anger and trying to get my breath back.

See my dilemma?

Have I mentioned how hard it is to be me: living a privileged life in one of the most developed (if more than a little bit fucked up) nations in the world with a fantastic job and the ability to drive to work every day, which I totally take for granted most of the time?

Sigh, self absorption rears its ugly head.

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