24 October 2008

Savings Setback or Success...you decide:

The beast started clunking during braking a couple of weeks ago. The queen of ignoring potentially expensive car repairs - aka, moi - thought better of her usual tack because this time it involves BRAKES and one NEEDS THOSE TO WORK and took it to her favorite Car Guys in Ballard.

Good news: the thumping was actually just a loose bolt in the Control Arm.
Cost to fix: $0

Bad News: the bolt was probably rattled loose by the warped rotors. Oh and by the way, when was the last time you had a complete brake job?
Cost of complete brake job: $600.00

I could have bought a bicycle for that. A NICE bicycle. Unfortunately then I'd still have a car with bad brakes. Instead, I tapped into the "Uh-oh Fund" which is now depleted but has officially served its purpose. I didn't have to tap into my travel fund or engage any credit.

Now I have even less of an "uh-oh" cushion so the heat will be on to pinch pennies and do my best to avoid any further uh-ohs. In any case, there is no point in worrying - In theory, it doesn't really matter I guess as long as I'm doing the saving. And I am, and it's WORKING!

My verdict: I'm considering it a success because I had an unexpected expense covered without engaging ANY credit - or having to put myself on a Pho diet for the next month.

What cha think?