04 October 2008

What a long strange trip it has been...

About a month ago, someone very close to me died.

I'm not going to euphemism it or get maudlin: He died and his dying changed my life. For the last seven years he was a confidant and partner in crime. And now he's gone. He's not someone you would know about because I never posted about him here: Although he liked reading my zany two cents on everything wasn't a wasn't a big fan of being part of it, and out of respect I never mentioned him.

I think he would forgive me today, because all of this is just by way of explaining - why I've been gone and where I've been. For the last month or so I've just been - getting by. He wouldn't have been pleased. He would have wanted the road trips and beach adventures, and park days to go on. I know all this, but without him, just wasn't doable.

The last time we spoke, there were three promised I made to my friend:

  1. Quit being so hard on myself.
  2. Travel, Travel, Travel - see EVERYTHING... and
  3. Keep writing. Finish the book, write about the travels, keep blogging, whatever...just don't stop telling stories.
So here I am, keeping my promise.

Last weekend I hiked Mt. Si for the first time. It was the hike we always meant to do together when I moved to Seattle but never seemed to be meet up up early enough to avoid the "uphill version of Greenlake" sensation lots of people attribute to the popular trail.

The trail was 4 miles one way, almost entirely uphill. I couldn't help laughing to myself as I rounded the corner of yet another steep switchback headed what felt vertical. THIS is the real reason we never "did the Si." Too damn steep. But when I got to the base of Haystack (aka the novice hiker's summit) the view was breathtaking. From the Olympics, to Rainer and the faintest hint of what may have been Mt. Adams I had that top of the world feeling that reminded me our best moments in being together.

Adios, mi amigo - via con "huevos."*

* Correct phrase is actually "via con dios" - go with god. The "huevos" is a long story that became a bit of an inside joke. Please expect to be looked at like a retard if you actually use the expression "via con huevos" with any spanish speaking individual.

That is all.

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Mitch said...

So sorry to hear about your friend! Hope all is well otherwise, and I look forward to more reading etc...