15 October 2008

Will the real Joe Six Pack please stand up?

No doubt you've been hearing all about the quintessential American "Joe Six-Pack."

Frankly, I'm wondering just who the hell is this guy and why the hell is he suddenly the prime character in this election. While watching the last debate tonight, with both candidates addressing "Joe," it took me a minute to realize exactly whom they were referring to.

Furthermore, the average - everyday "Joe Six Pack" is the same dude candidates have been pandering to for the last, oh say 200 years. The single issue, god-fearin' hard working male that has been making the decision for EVERYBODY else for HUWAY too long.

And, what the heck do REAL hard working American men think about being reduced to the guy in the photo above?

Cause frankly I'm exhausted by the labels and oversimplifications.


Strange Bird said...

No no, "Joe" was Joe the Plumber. HUGE difference. One drinks beer and one unclogs your toilet. :-/

Either way, "Joe" is the all-American Type, which I, as a biracial, religious minority female, don't really get.

Rosie said...

Ah! I stand corrected - this is why I have tried my best to avoid political posting thusfar. First time out the gate and I've already made a critical error :-)
(scrabbling around to find a pick of a plumber's crack for my NEXT post)

Can I still apply the same arguement on the same grounds, Bird. A biracial, non-religious female I agree with you whole heartedly.

Strange Bird said...

Now I stand corrected; he's a real person! Man, I was getting excited about the assumptions I thought they were both making about Americans!